Meet Valerie, CPCP

Welcome! I am a native of McHenry and am married to my business partner, Dean Ziebel. Together we have four grown children. I have been in the beauty industry as a salon/spa owner  for more than 30 years!  My passion is making you feel great about yourself! Whether this is achieved through our relationship with each other or by accessing our services to enhance the beauty you already are, be assured I hold myself and my staff to the highest standards, continually investing in advanced education. At Valerie's your health, time and quality service is at the forefront of our commitment to you!  This is evidenced not only in our work ethic but also in the above credentialed links: CPCP and SPCP.  I am a licensed nail technician, licensed esthetician and certified body art professional.


The Salon's philosophy revolves around...YOU. Our desire is for you to enjoy your service or treatment in a professional atmosphere. The team members at Valerie's lease their space and are independent business women working toward your complete satisfaction. Quality services are enhanced by offering you a detoxifying atmosphere steeped in top quality Young Living Essential Oils. 


Our hope is to be an encouragement and blessing in your life. 




Wonderful Personal Care by Windswept - 

Val has been taking great care of me for years. I have enjoyed her manicure, acrylic nail and waxing services and have received nothing but compliments from friends and family. Her products wear well and she is very attentive to great sanitation practices- a MUST in this profession! I can always count on relaxed pampering during each visit. I never hesitate to recommend her to others!



Val and her staff are simply the best! They work together as a team as they care for you! I've been a personal client of Val's for 20 years and I would NEVER change! Am always very, very pleased. 


Great service by Betsey - 

Valerie gives great service and takes great care of all her clients - Loves her job and it shows in her work. She is very professional. Gives all clients her undivided attention. Once you try her, you will want to stay.








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