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Permanent Eyeliner

Microbladed or  Shaded Brows

Permanent Lips


Top: $300

Bottom: $250

Both $500

$100 Deposit required to book an appointment - applied to total at time of procedure. Nonrefundable with less than 24 hour cancellation or no show.

The purpose of permanent makeup is to create shape, not party makeup.

If you have trouble seeing when applying makeup, desire ease of your morning routine or just want to enhance your eyes then permanent eyeliner could be right for you. *Please note, permanent eyeliner will not look like liquid eyeliner. We want you to have realistic expectations and acquire the look you desire.  Please call for a complimentary consultation.

Please read the Eyeliner Pre & Post-Care Instruction tab.

3D Natural looking Eyebrows!

AKA: Microblading or Cosmetic Tattooing


Microbladed Brows    $600 -

Powdered Brows: $600

Microblade & Powder Combo 


(All Include consult and two applications)

$100 Deposit required to book an appointment - applied to total at time of procedure. Nonrefundable with less than 24 hour cancellation or no show.

You must schedule your Perfecting Appointment (second appointment) within the first 6 months to guarantee the above rate (that is your second application appointment).


Yearly Maintenance Color Boost:     



Will permanent Eyebrows work well for me?

If you have extremely thick, oily skin, the microbladed eyebrow technique may heal with a diffused, softer look. Your end result will look more powdered than you would expect. If additional touch-ups are needed there will be a charge.

  • If you are a frequent smoker, your pigment will fade sooner.

  • If you are iron deficient or anemic, your pigment will fade sooner and bleeding/bruising may occur during and after the procedure.

  • Unhealthy compromised skin due to health issues, medications and over use of anti-aging, acne skincare products, etc., are all factors in the outcome. To keep your hair strokes looking great, a refresher appointment is suggested every 1 to 3 years. Results vary with each client and health of skin. If you have more difficult skin there will be additional charges if more work needs to be done.

  • Additional touch-up appointments will be charged depending on how much work is to be done.​​​​



Lip Liner:      $500

Lip Liner + Shading $500

Full Lip Color: $500

(Prices vary depending lip size)

Please visit the LIPS tab under permanent makeup for details.

$100 Deposit required to book an appointment - applied to total at time of procedure. Nonrefundable with less than 24 hour cancellation or no show.

My son has a severe case of Alopecia Universalis (hair loss of the entire head, face, and body, dramatically and suddenly).  So in an effort to seek some relief from what he was going through and give some definition back to his facial features, I researched the micro-blading eyebrow procedure.  I wanted someone that was going to have a sensitivity to the procedure but also to the specific case of why it was needed.  A friend of mine talked with Val and she gladly welcomed us.  Val does an amazing job and truly loves what she does.  She answers all questions, explains step by step, and sends reference sheets home that you can turn to. It was minimally painful and the procedure was smooth and relatively fast.  Being there for emotional, self-esteem, and medical reasons was scary for my son but Val made things easy and less stressing.  Val was "God-sent" and a blessing.  Her passion, compassion, heart, honesty, and understanding went hand in hand with her art.  She will not steer you wrong or be pushy about anything.  She genuinely wants you happy with her services.  So when I tell you my son looks like he has eyebrows, I truly mean it.  My son’s doctor was excited thinking hair was starting to come back on his face already!  I had to tell him it was microblading and he was shocked they were not real!  Val's work is amazing.  Advice - read the reference sheets Val gives you, because they truly guide you and are a reference of what you are feeling while going through the healing process.  They were 100% right on. 

I will continue to highly recommend Val for this procedure whether it be for an issue such as my son’s or for beauty reasons. 
I hope everyone has a “Val” in life or the beauty world, she is a gem and I am grateful for her service, her art, and her heart.

I can not thank Val enough!
J. Heavrin

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