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High Frequency minor skin imperfection removal

Fibroblast skin imperfection removal is innovative technology that is a great alternative. Fibroblasting is a surface only, non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that is a fraction of the traditional removal costs. The procedure utilizes a high frequency arc to create a controlled carbon dot on the top layer of mapped out skin. The reaction instantly dehydrates and retracts the skin. Under the treated area's skin surface, the heat created from the arc travels to the skin's dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin.

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Small Skin Tags or

Raised Keratosis $25+

Large Skin Tags $50 (5+/$35-$40 ea)

Broken Capillaries $25/cm

Cherry Angiomas $25 small/$50 lg

Cholesterol Deposits $150/2mm, $200/3mm, etc.

Fibromas $25 small/$50 lg

Spider Naevi $50+

Flat Keratosis $25/2 mm,$40/3mm

Milia $15 ea (10+/$12 ea)

Flat Hyperpigmentation

(Age or Sun Spot)

Size Dime $150; Nickel $250;

Quarter $300

Sebaceous Hypeplasia

$50ea/5+$45 ea

Syringoma $200 small patch

Tattoo Lightening/per consult

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