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IMPORTANT: If you get cold sores, or ever had one in the past, it is recommended you receive an antiviral prescription from your physician prior to a lip procedure. Physicians usually instruct clients to take it two days prior to the procedure as this procedure may exacerbate the virus if not premedicated beforehand.OTC L-Lysine, 3,000 mg, daily for two days prior recommended and 1,000 mg a few days after or as instructed by your physician.

Herpecin L recommended daily.


*These recommendations are not a guarantee against a cold sore breakout.

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Use any makeup just after treatment as this may cause an infection or otherwise damage the tattoo.

Avoid biting or licking your lips as much as possible.




Use Vaseline prior to brushing your teeth and eating for the first 72 hours. Blot to remove

Use a warm compress and gently wipe the area after the third compress and follow with a cold compress.  Warm, Warm, Warm, Wipe, Cool; up to 5x a day for the first 3 days.

Aftercare: Avoid contact with Clothing, Makeup, Food and Sunlight. Take care not to expose your face to the sun for about two weeks after you get your tattoo. The sun will fade the pigment which is still settling into your skin. Even after the tattoos have healed, be consistent with applying sunscreen to those areas of your face, to avoid fading. Lips can take 1-3 treatments for desired depth of color. Keeping your lips moist daily will lengthen the time the pigment will last…everyone heals different.

LIPS- Typical Effects Day1:  Swelling, tender, heavy thick lipstick look with a reddish brick color effect.Day2:  Slight swelling, reddish and tender with a slight metallic flavor.Days 2-6: Less swelling, thicker texture, sore. Exfoliation begins, very chapped lips.A softer color begins to appear.Days 7-13: Lip color disappears and the “frosty” chapping stage begins as a whitish-grayish haze on the lips.Day14: Color blooms from within more and more each day until day 21.Day21: Healing complete; the color you see is the color you have. Your lips will remain a bit dry for a month or so, use a good lip balm and they will return to normal texture.

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